Motley Fool Money Makers Investment Portfolio

Motley Fool Money Makers have become a buzzword in the investment world. 

People are curious to know what it is and how it improves the money-making capabilities of investors. 

Investing is always a crucial decision, whether in stocks or forex. 

The recent market shift due to the pandemic’s economic recession has made it significant to turn to a trustworthy investment portfolio for diversifying risk. 

Motley Fool works to do the same. 

About Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is a private financial company that renders investment consultancy services to investors. 

Since its establishment in 1993, it has been providing services in the USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, and Australia.

It offers various premium services to investors to guide them on risk diversification and profit maximization. 

Here is a list of some of the company’s portfolio programs that are popular among US investors.

  • Stock Advisor
  • Rule Breakers
  • Everlasting portfolio
  • Everlasting stocks
  • Rule your retirement
  • Everlasting IPO Trailblazers
  • Money Makers

What is Motley Fool Money Makers?

Motley Fool Money Makers is considered a great breakthrough in investment solutions available in the market. 

It is an investment portfolio program offered by Motley Fool. It adds value to the life of investors by recommending them a collection of the most profitable stocks, and Motley Fool purchases them on behalf of the investor with long-term investment intention. 

It also manages the schedule of re-investments in the investors’ portfolio. 

What does Motley Fool Money Makers offer?

You must be eager to know what you will get if you subscribe to the Motley Fool Money makers program. Here are a few things you will get along with your subscription. 

  • Access to stocks

You get direct access to all the featured stocks in Moneymakers. This access opens doors for you to design better investment strategies for potentially higher profits. 

This also provides confidence to the investor to have the back of one of the strongest portfolio solutions. 

With this, you can be more confident with your investment moves and look forward to high-return opportunities. 

  • Access to reports

The subscription allows you access to reports based on extensive research about the market, companies, stocks, and potential gain. Every report includes a comprehensive detail of the important factors, including the following information. 

  • Company’s name
  • Complete profile
  • Pricing strategy
  • Potential risks
  • Potential gain
  • Portfolio allocation guidance
  • Portfolio Allocation Guidance

The stocks featured under the Moneymakers program come with portfolio allocation guidance. And it is exclusive for every stock. 

This helps investors analyze the potential investment opportunity in detail. 

  • PGI market indicator

The subscription provides you with access to their PGI (Potential Growth Indicator), a metric for indicating market growth opportunities. It is a specialized tracker exclusively featured by money makers. 

It pacifies different investment strategies applied by investors concerning market conditions. It indicates when it is suitable to use which type of strategy. 

  • Selling strategies

Trading stocks involves selling also along with buying. At times, investors need to have the cash to buy more profitable stocks. 

To guide members on selling, the program includes a report on what the investors think about selling the stocks. 

It also includes the list of the most suitable stocks for selling. 

  • Dividend portfolio

You will also get access to the dividend portfolio of the company that provides investors with a source of income in the form of dividends. This portfolio is intended to invest in dividend-paying stocks in the market quarterly. 

This is a great source of compensating for the risk of the potential loss. 

  • Satisfaction guarantee

The company offers a 30-day membership satisfaction guarantee. It allows you to transfer your membership fee to any of its other services and programs if you do not find money makers useful for your portfolio. This can be done within 30 days of the subscription. All you have to do is contact their member service team and discuss your concern. 

They will readily transfer the fee without asking any questions. 

  • Promotion offers

New members or first-time subscribers can avail of promotions offered by the company from time to time. 

Subscriptions purchased during promotions will be finalized on the respective terms and conditions of the offer. 

Previous members or those who have subscribed and canceled earlier are not eligible for promotional offers. 

Key Features of the Program

The features of this program are dynamic and keep room for improvement.

The experts in the team keep on updating the portfolio according to the latest market conditions and help investors keep up with the current trends.  

  • Investors helping investors

The writers writing for Motley Fool Money Makers are also investors, and therefore they can provide better analysis than other analysts. They might themselves own the stocks and share their experience with the readers. 

They might use a combination of different investing strategies for an investment decision.

  • Investment partnership

The most interesting fact about this solution is that the Motley Fool also has invested a large sum of money. 

According to the company, they have invested $1,000,000 on the stocks under the Money Makers program. 

This makes it a credible and worthy investment despite all the risks and concerns. 

This means that they share the risk of loss with other investors. However, this also means they also have a considerable share in the win. It works as an investment partnership.

  • Reasonable fee

The annual subscription fee is quite reasonable compared to the growth opportunities it offers. 

The mastermind behind this program, Tom Gardner, usually charges more than $5,000 for his specialized portfolio solutions. 

Considering this, $1,999 a year is a good offer to hit. Also, the satisfaction guarantee offer backs up the offer making it a safe investment for investors.

  • Minimum investment

It enables investors to buy all featured stocks with a minimum $50,000 investment. 

You can turn this unbelievable offer into a reality if you lock your deals through brokers. 

The most popular brokerage accounts include SEP IRAs, Roth, traditional and standard accounts.

  • Facilitates US residents only

The company provides financial and investment advisory services exclusively for the residents of the USA. 

Any individual trying to use the information for dealings outside of the USA will be responsible for their actions by themselves. 

Since the services are not intended for non-residents of the USA, the information provided may not be useful. 

It might result in causing damage instead of benefitting them. 

Also, accessing the website from outside of the USA may result in a breach of local laws. 

The user shall be held responsible for consequences resulting from illegal access and use of information. 

How Does It Work?

Motley Fool Money Makers employs the principle of pricing power to create an effective portfolio that works in a dynamic business environment. 

It keeps the investors updated with the latest news and happenings by sending regular updates, suggestions, and guidelines. By this, they can better plan and execute their strategies. 

Since a diversified portfolio is considered better, it keeps sending recommendations time and again in stocks other than the ones you have already bought. 

No need to worry about the performance of your stocks as it will also send you reports and updates on the stocks’ performance and the expected trend. 

The company intends to enhance its features that are a part of the membership. However, they will not do it without informing the investors. They send a prior notice to save you from any inconvenience. 

The program is intended to help investors with their investment decisions by offering the best advice. 

This means that they provide useful information for their convenience. However, the interpretation and transformation of information for a profitable decision are at the disposal of individuals. 


What makes Motley Fool Money Makers risky?

One drawback of Motley Fool Money Makers is that it does not take responsibility for its performance. 

It is completely at the decision of the investor, whatever the outcome may be. They do not ensure timeliness or any other feature. 

No responsibility for outcomes

The writers work independently and share the best analysis based on their knowledge and experience. The sole responsibility of the decision lies on the shoulders of the investor. 

The company does not hold any responsibility for the decision and its resulting outcomes because they do not offer personalized services to any individual. Neither their investment advice is person-centric. 

Therefore, the person making the decision must consider the following factors as per his situation.

  • Risk tolerance
  • Financial situation
  • Investment objectives

The recommendations are also not focused on the individual’s caliber and therefore do not guarantee the same results for everyone. 

One might gain high benefits and the other face loss due to varying financial positions and differences in other factors. 

The program does not hold any liability for any of its decisions on behalf of the investors. 

They work in good faith to increase the profitability ratio and do not owe any responsibility in case of loss and profit. They do not guarantee to provide you with your desired results. 

Risk of biasness

The portfolios suggested by Motley Fool Money Makers are determined by the information provided by the investors through answering a few questions. 

If he fails to interpret his real financial position through his answers or turns out to be biased towards the questions, the recommendations may not suit him and his portfolio. 

Reliability of techniques and information sources

The sources of information used by the Motley Fool Money Makers are considered credible and have produced reliable results in the past. 

The company cannot guarantee its suitability and accuracy for the future. 

Since the economic and financial conditions are quite dynamic, the reliability of the techniques employed by the service can be questioned for their effectiveness. 

Also, any material you read on their site or download is only for an informative purpose and does not owe any responsibility for actions taken in response to it. 

According to his risk-aversion, the investor should first realize any damage resulting from the action. 

Membership fee

Inspired by Warren Buffet, this portfolio strategy costs a subscriber $1,999 a year. Once the subscription period finishes, it automatically renews using the credit card information used in the last transaction. The subscriber is liable to pay the fee, which is usually non-refundable. 

Since the Motley Fool Money Makers is a premium program, one has to buy a subscription to avail of it. 

Even if a person is already a subscriber of Motley Fool’s services, he must subscribe to Money Makers separately. 

Without paying the membership fee, no one can access the exclusive premium services offered by the company.

Right for amendments

The company reserves all rights to make amendments to the membership fee subject to prior notice. 

This means the company can increase the membership fee at any time, and the subscribers will have to pay the new set fee if they want to continue availing of their services. 

Renewal of subscription

All members must pay the fee in advance to access the premium services. Post payment facility is not available. 

The company renews membership automatically, and the subscriber is liable to pay a membership fee. 

If he intends not to renew membership automatically, he must inform when ordering or every time the subscription ends. 

Motley Fool Money Makers: Final Thoughts

Experts consider Motley Fool Money Makers a viable solution to excel in the volatile stock market. However, the investment decision is not something to make under the influence of others. 

An investor must be smart enough to critically analyze his financial position and act accordingly.

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