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FTX Buys Blockfolio

FTX Buys Blockfolio

Established in 2001, FTX (Find The X) is an innovative company that partners with other companies to revolutionize the world.  They had previously partnered with Blockfolio on a new project called ‘FTX Finder.’  This project will allow users to find the cryptocurrency that best suits their needs. Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency management iPhone and iPhone …

SafeMoon on Coinbase: Facts and Questions

SafeMoon on Coinbase

SafeMoon was launched recently in the spring of 2021 and has made it through headlines, and so many investors have also looked for a topic like SafeMoon on Coinbase.  It is the latest cryptocurrency, designed to provide a long-term reward to token holders.  In easy words, SafeMoon is a new cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, …

Coinbase Pro Average Cost Demands

Coinbase Pro Average Cost

Coinbase Pro average cost demands have been affected by market dynamics, consumer demand, and aspects of technology development, among other areas.  The service is a trading platform, which facilitates trading across a range of digital currency types.  The newer “Pro” version has been expanded from the novice-oriented Coinbase to encompass different feature types and costs …