Amex Equinox Discount Lets You Reap the Benefits of a New Luxurious Partnership

Ever since its announcement, the AmEx Platinum Cardholders are looking forward to gaining the benefits of the new amex equinox discount. 

The multinational corporation, American Express Company (popularly known as AmEx), is renowned for its plethora of travel-friendly credits cards. 

The most prevalent card in its line-up is The Platinum Card, which was launched in 1984. 

By means of an invitation, the card was initially offered to worthy clientele based on their tenure, spending, and admirable payment records. 

But, the New York-based multinational organization lets its customers apply to get AmEx cards now. 

If you are wondering what the hype is all about, you are looking at the right place for an answer. Here, you will find all the answers to the questions that your curious mind is looking for.

A Little Background Into Amex and Equinox

Before diving into the depths of the amex equinox discount, it is pertinent that you know about the two companies involved in the deal. You already know that AmEx is a financial services company. Their credit cards, including the Platinum Card, offer some amazing perks to their cardholders. 

These include Uber credits, airline credits, etc. In addition, they provide access to airport lounges, including Delta Sky Club, Escape Lounges, Plaza Premium Lounges, Priority Pass, and the revered AmEx Centurion Lounges.

On the other hand, Equinox does not even operate like AmEx. They are poles apart. Spanning over three countries – the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom – around the world, Equinox is a luxury fitness club. 

It operates over 100 clubs in the three nations impeccably. The club members love the features of this high-end gym, which includes personal trainers, group classes, deluxe amenities, etc. 

However, the fancy stuff comes at staggering membership fees ranging from USD 200 to USD 500. Plus, they also charge initiation fees.

What Is This Amex Equinox Discount or Credit That Everyone Is Talking About?

In July 2021, Equinox and AmEx signed a partnership agreement, which pleasantly benefits both organizations. 

If you are an AmEx Platinum cardholder, you can avail of USD 300 of statement credits with Equinox annually. 

Hence, the amex equinox discount. However, the credit is distributed per month. So, you will get USD 25 credit with Equinox each month. Keep in mind that it is only one benefit per Platinum account. As such, you get one credit per month, even if you have multiple authorized users.

List of Equinox Locations That You Can Avail

Of course, you will need to know if you have an Equinox Club near you to reap the magnificent benefits of the amex equinox discount. 

Apart from its Equinox+ app, Equinox physically operates in three countries, namely Canada, the U.S., and U.K. 

Here’s a shortlist to assist you in your search for the luxury club that might be near you.


1.     Equinox in the United States of America:

a) Boston – five clubs

b) Chicago – four clubs

c) Connecticut – four clubs

d) Florida – five clubs

e) Michigan – one club

f) New Jersey – two clubs

g) New York – forty clubs

h) Northern California – nine clubs

i) Southern California – twenty-three clubs

j) Texas – five clubs

k) Washington, DC – four clubs

So, there are a total of 102 clubs in 11 American states.


2.     Equinox in the United Kingdom:

a) London – three clubs

Equinox only operates three clubs in Europe, and all of them are in London, U.K.


3.     Equinox in Canada

a) Toronto, Canada (two clubs)

b) Vancouver, Canada (one club)

Outside the U.S borders in North American, Equinox operates three clubs, and all of them are located in Canada.

Overall, Equinox operates 108 clubs in three nations.

What Equinox Membership Can You Enroll Into?

As part of the amex equinox discount, you will need to enroll into one of the membership programs to avail of the benefits. Here are the choices that you have.

1.     Equinox All Access

It is an ideal membership plan for you if you reside in the United States. You can easily access all Equinox locations within the country.

The membership fees usually vary depending on your location. But, the current membership fee in New York is USD 275 per month with a one-year commitment. 

Once you are enrolled, you get access to all Equinox Clubs in the United States. The USD 25 credits represent a discount of 9.09% on the membership fees.

2.     Equinox Destination

If you are a frequent traveler who ventures outside the United States, you can go for this plan. It allows you access to all Equinox clubs globally, except for the “E” clubs.

Again, the rates vary like Equinox All-Access membership. The New York membership fee is USD 315 per month with a one-year commitment. Hence, it represents a discount of 7.94% on the membership fees with the USD 25 credits.

3.     E by Equinox

Simply put, the membership plan gives you access to all Equinox Clubs, including the “E” clubs which are based in London, UK, and San Francisco, New York, and Connecticut.

Although rates are provided on request, the New York members seem to pay USD 550 per month with a one-year commitment. Hence, it represents a discount of 4.55% on the membership fees with the USD 25 credits.

4.     Equinox+

Well, if you do not have any Equinox clubs, or the specialized “E” clubs near you, the Equinox+ might pique your interests. The luxury fitness club runs its own app. The fitness app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

The app is filled with numerous remote workouts that you can easily do at home. Plus, you can request live and on-demand classes, where trained fitness experts will teach you virtually. 

Other than that, Equinox’s partners SoulCycle, Pure Yoga, and TB12 also provide several programs.

The cost of subscribing to this fitness app is relatively low at USD 39.99 per month. Plus, you can cancel it anytime you like. Keep in mind that you will have to pay an additional USD 64.10 per month if you would like to include the SoulCycle bike into your fitness regimen.

How to Get Amex Cards

Of course, you will need an AmEx Platinum Card to reap the spectacular amex equinox discount benefits that come with it. Before you apply for the card, you should know that AmEx pushed up their Platinum Card’s annual fee to a staggering USD 695 from USD 550. 

While the jury is out regarding this USD 145 increase, most people think that the perks that come with the card makes it worth it. After all, it is only USD 12.08 extra per month.

Moreover, American Express is abundantly compensated for the sharp increase in price with the plethora of benefits that come with the card.

The Platinum Cardholders will be getting further lifestyle and experience-based incentives. Currently, AmEx has a ‘Welcome Offer’ for the new cardholders. 

The cardholders received 100k reward points after they spent USD 6000 within their first six months. In addition, the cardholders get 10 times points at restaurants around the world if they charge the eligible expenses on the card. It also includes purchases from Shop Small locations in the United States.

The AmEx Platinum Cardholders are also entitled to five points for every dollar they spend to book flights directly from the airlines or through American Express Travel. 

The limit is up to USD 500,000 every calendar year. They also get five points for every dollar spent on prepaying their hotel rooms using American Express Travel and one point for every dollar spent on other eligible purchases (jump to the next section for more benefits).

Other Benefits of Amex Platinum Card Credits

The AmEx Platinum card is not limited to amex equinox discount only. There are other perks that you can easily avail of from them. Here’s what you can avail of pretty easily:

1.     Uber:

In recent times, everyone has heard about Uber. Chances are, most people have availed themselves of one of the many Uber services. The AmEx Platinum cardholders can get a maximum of USD 200 annually in Uber Cash credits (terms and conditions apply). 

In short, you can get USD 15 per month that you can use to pay for your Uber rides or Uber Eats. Also, you get USD 35 instead of USD 15 in December. The more, the merrier!

2.     Airlines:

As an AmEx Platinum cardholder, you will face a challenging decision every January. You will need to select a specific airline for your travel preference in that calendar year. 

Once you do so, you can receive a maximum of USD 200 annually in airline incidental fee credits. Your qualifying purchases could be lounge day passes, ticket change fees, checked baggage, on-board meals or drinks, or other akin incidental expenses.

3.     TSA PreCheck or Global Entry:

Regular travelers are aware that having a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck makes their experience in airports much better, especially during the peak hours of travel. 

So if you are an AmEX Platinum cardholder, you can avail of the TSA PreCheck membership to have access to expedited security screening. As such, you do not have to wait in long queues. 

In contrast, Global Entry ensures that members can get through the customs screening much quickly when they return to the United States. Every four years, when you use your card to pay the application fees, you will get USD 100 and USD 85 credits for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck, respectively.

4.     Fine Hotels & Resorts or The Hotel Collection

Whenever you use your AmEx Platinum card to prepay for a room at one of the aforementioned hotels, you will get a maximum of USD 200 back for your stay every calendar year.

5.     Credits in Digital Subscriptions

Whenever you use your AmEx Platinum card to pay for your subscription in Audible, Peacock, SiriusXM, or The New York Times, you can easily get up to USD 20 per month. This amounts to USD 240 per annum.

As such, you can vividly see that the AmEx Platinum Card can make your life very pleasant with all the perks that they offer. From the amex equinox discount to the lounge access, you can reap a lot of benefits.

However, if you are not interested in AmEx Platinum Cards, you can try other cards. For instance, AmEx Gold Card is a premium credit card for travelers, who are big foodies. Incentives include a monthly USD 10 credit for dining statements, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Amex Equinox Discount

● Does Equinox entertain the amex equinox discount?

Yes, the discount is available on all eligible equinox purchases.

● Where can I find the latest updates about discounts?

a) You can check Equinox’s official website to find out their latest offers

b) You can check Equinox’s social media platforms, such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, to be well-informed about all new offers

● What membership plans are eligible for the discount?

All Access, Destination, or E by Equinox Membership Plans that are billed every month is eligible for the USD 25 monthly statement credit

● How can I use my AmEx Equinox Credits on the Platinum Card?

First, you will need to confirm a membership plan to become eligible for the credits. Then, you must activate the plan through to charge your monthly bills to your AmEx Platinum Card.

Final Thoughts

American Express made the headlines when it announced the confounding 26.4% hike in annual fees on Platinum Cards. Most people were sceptical of the sharp rise. But, American Express also offers over USD 1000 worth of benefits to its cardholders. 

It also included the partnership between AmEx and Equinox. Equinox certainly promotes a healthy luxurious lifestyle, with various membership plans that you can choose from. 

It brings the question – will all cardholders be able to reap the benefits? No. Most cardholders will not be able to gain 100% benefits from it. But, can you? Yes, you surely can if you plan accordingly. 

So, before you jump on the bandwagon to get the card, do your due diligence. Do some calculations to see if the costs and benefits add up and make sense according to your lifestyle. If they do, then go ahead and get that card.

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